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Furthering Medical Education for All

The core goal of the CMC Foundation is to provide advanced medical education. This began with our STEPS Program, which provides advanced medical education and hands-on training to podiatry and orthopedic medical students and residents.

We’ve since expanded this mission to include enhancing the medical education of the general public as well—and we’re not alone.

Healthybirds is a partner of ours who shares our goal of breaking down the barriers in healthcare knowledge. Together we believe that the more people know about their health, the better it will be for both doctors and the general public.

Healthybirds was founded by healthcare workers who worked primarily with elderly patients and realized that most of the suffering they saw could’ve been prevented with better health education at a younger age.

They provide high-quality health content from a diverse community of people interested in improving their health and well-being and the health and well-being of those around them.

In addition to providing health tips, education, and recipes, Healthybirds also donates a portion of its proceeds to purchasing medical equipment to those in need and more.

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Take the First STEP in Advancing Your Education

About the CMC Foundation

The CMC Foundation was founded by a team of podiatrists who wanted to help aspiring residents and medical students get the training that may not be available in school. As experienced practice owners, we’re ready to provide hands-on labs, advanced medical discussions, and consultations regarding running your own practice.

We also strive to provide basic healthcare information on how you can best care for yourself at home whether you’re dealing with foot pain, knee pain, or anything else.