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About the CMC Foundation

Collaborative Medical Content

Our Mission

The core mission of the CMC Foundation is to enhance the educational experience of podiatric medical students across the world. We do this by providing students with virtual lectures and training, career advice, and in-person experience all thanks to our generous donors and sponsors.

Our name, Collaborative Medical Content, represents our belief that collaboration leads to enriched experiences. We believe that having students with diverse backgrounds only strengthens our collective knowledge.

What began with a focus in podiatry has expanded to include all orthopedic fields, and we believe in creating accessible and inclusive medical education. All are welcome to apply to S.T.E.P.S. so they may enhance their learning experience, and we are proud to offer these programs at no cost to the students.

S.T.E.P.S. (Student Transatlantic Education in Podiatric Surgery) includes education for podiatry students, including monthly virtual sessions, quarterly in-person sessions, and an Annual Conference for all orthopedic medical students.

Our Programs

CMC began with a focus on podiatry and medical students but has since expanded to include all aspects of medical education and better healthcare education for the general public. Our focus is not only on future doctors and medical professionals but on anyone looking for a more complete understanding of their health as well. 

We bring together doctors and students from all medical and personal backgrounds to provide better education for the general public and our student programs.


We offer medical students virtual and in-person training, including lectures, labs, and more to enhance their education before and during their residency.



The goal of Healthybirds is to provide people with the proper healthcare information they need sooner in life. This is done by providing top quality health content to the general public.

Medical Mission

Medical Missions

Our goal is to help whomever we can, and we help our students provide medical treatments to those in need in countries like Mexico, Honduras, Togo, and more.

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Be Part of our mission

All the work the CMC Foundation does is made possible thanks to generous donations and sponsors. We take our fiduciary responsibility very seriously and ensure that all funds received are put directly into our students and our programs.

Providing the Best Medical Content to All

Education is the passion of the CMC Foundation.

We provide better education for medical students through case studies, training and cadaver labs, lectures, in-person conferences, and more.

We also want to eliminate the gatekeeping of the medical community and further educate the general public. We don’t think you should have to be a medical doctor to know the best daily health practices. That’s why we provide quality content to combat all the healthcare misinformation that is so prevalent.

The CMC Foundation provides real health tips and knowledge from qualified medical professionals so you can avoid the “advice” you might see on social media.