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Preparing Doctors for the Next Step

The CMC Foundation’s core mission is to better prepare podiatry medical students and residents for their jobs following school. Our STEPS program does this by providing virtual learning seminars and hands-on experience.

Another way we work toward this goal is by offering our expertise as former practice owners in a consulting capacity.

Preparing for residency interviews is one thing, but preparing to open your own practice is about much more than medicine. It’s about business as well.

Unfortunately, many people in our line of work are hesitant to help the new crop of doctors for fear of competition. We don’t see it that way. From our perspective, the more highly educated and informed doctors there are working in podiatry, the better it is for the health of the entire community.

If you’re a student getting ready to graduate and need help analyzing your residency options, we’d love to discuss that with you. If your residency is wrapping up and you’re deciding between private practice or working in a hospital or need help reviewing a contract offer, we can help with that too.

As former practice owners ourselves, we can also provide you with guidance on what it means to own a medical practice, the pitfalls to avoid, and more.

Our main goal is to enhance the health education of doctors and the general public, and all that begins by giving young doctors the best opportunities to learn and succeed.

Get on the right track today.

Doctors consulting one another on work and business.

Meet With Our Founders

The CMC Foundation was founded by three podiatrists with experience working in hospitals and in private practice. Our goal is to provide medical students and residents with the education and support they need to properly treat their patients.

Dr. Mark Razzante


Dr. Coleman O. Clougherty


Dr. Christina Pratt


Dr. Mark Razzante

Dr. Coleman Clougherty

Dr. Christina Pratt

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All of the CMC Foundation’s work is made possible by generous donations and sponsorships. Help us further the education and experience of medical professionals today.

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